Having A Spooky Halloween?

We called our local Ghostbusters* – They had a few recommendations for us to keep the ghouls away!

European Oak – Trussel

Old fashioned “bow ties” hold planks together and evoke images of colonial floors in Jamestown, Virginia. Its ancient appearance is more than enough to keep the ghosts at bay!

European Oak – Luchio

Luchio is unique and striking, made to be reminiscent of silver moonlight glimmering across the Mediterranean Sea. What magical stories could be told from it’s old wood? Only time can tell!

European Oak – Vintage

Though from the White Oak family, this floor has been stained a deep brown color with areas of lighter saturation. Marked with bow ties, this floor’s noble character might be the perfect line of defense against all of Halloween’s mysteries!

*The marketing department, who had seen both movies.