Modern and Vibrant Colors

Now, you too can experience some of the world’s most sought after cities from the comfort of your space. Our WanderLuxe collection is comprised of twelve unique, hand selected colors which depict a particular city’s style and culture. From vibrant Barcelona to tranquil Milan and ultramodern Tokyo, our WanderLuxe line features a wide spectrum of designs to suit various styles and cultures. The 9 1/2″ wide planks feature various face treatments and are finished with UV Oil for an undeniably superior finished product. The breathtaking planks are up to seven feet long with a thick 4 mm top layer. All colors are created by hand with our “reactive stain” technique, which fashions a unique, multifaceted layer effect on the European Oak planks. This unique stain reacts distinctively to the natural tannins in European Oak. This can result in a high likelihood of color variation in each sample and from plank to plank within flooring orders. Your flooring is more than a surface to stand on – let it evoke memories and inspire conversation among those who experience it.