About Us

Our Company

We at Garrison Collection create and distribute beautiful and enduring hardwood flooring. Every one of our products is manufactured with mastery in design and expertise in construction. We understand your desire for beautiful floors and your need for quality products that will last, so we deliver just that: stunning flooring to take pride in!

Based out of Los Angeles, we began as a small, family-owned business in 1956 and we’ve successfully grown by maintaining a consistent mindset with a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We continue to thrive and grow because of our innovative manufacturing methods and understanding of the flooring market. We are steeped in tradition and history, building on what works while not being afraid to create what we’ve never seen before.

We offer a wide range of flooring and moulding products, from the modern and cutting edge to the classic and vintage-inspired. As flooring industry pioneers, we have developed and refined our ability to make artistic innovations in design and color. We like to push the boundaries while never compromising on quality.

We stand by our products and offer exceptional warranties. No matter what style you choose or what Garrison floor makes it to your home, rest assured that your floors are as well-made as they are beautiful!

Why Garrison?

It’s Simple

As something you walk on every day, flooring has to be durable. As something that sets the tone for your home or building, it has to look amazing. Every product in The Garrison Collection is made with these objectives in mind. We produce our floors from start to finish. From designing to cutting, and from sourcing to staining, we’re actively involved in every step. This allows us to confidently guarantee the high caliber of your floors. It also allows us to competitively price our products and ensure incredible value.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We use state-of-the-art machines to cut, grind, and sand each plank we sell. Our production facilities are large and spacious, providing natural conditions for the wood to cure. Our propriety kiln dry ovens and carbonization units further treat and perfect the wood for long-term use in your home or building.

Highly Skilled & Passionate Craftsmen

Our workers are highly skilled and passionate about creating incredible products. We like to think of our craftsmen and craftswomen as hardwood flooring artisans. Every detail matters to us and is handled by experts. From painstakingly hand-carving our distressed flooring to stringently testing each finished batch for quality control — time, care, and joy is put into every plank.

Quality & Sustainable Materials

It all starts with the right materials. We select only the strongest and healthiest logs from replenished forests for our hardwood collections and the purest of recycled products for our laminate and vinyl collections. We adhere to environmentally responsible standards, to ensure both quality and sustainability. Our stains, washes, and finishes are all expertly selected and created, using non-toxic and natural formulas from the world’s leading brands.

Options For Every Style & Budget

We take pride in the wide array of flooring we are able to offer. We create flooring and moulding for every style and for every budget. Whether you prefer the simplicity and ease of multi-use laminate or love the look and feel of distressed walnut hardwood, there is something for you in our diverse range of collections, textures, and colors.

100% Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

We know how many companies are out there and how many hardwood flooring choices you have, but we believe there is a reason that we’ve been around for so long and continue to grow! It’s our dedication to customer satisfaction that keeps us going. We back every product we make and are preferred and recommended by retailers and contractors nation-wide.

How We Make it

  1. Our flooring process is extensive and exhaustive. We take pride in our tenacity and perfectionism at every step. First, only the strongest and healthiest logs are selected.
  2. Our quality hardwood flooring begins here. Logs are cut into precise pieces of lumber for increased stability.
  3. Next, all pieces of lumber are set into a sealed warehouse to kiln dry. This eliminates the moisture in the wood and cures it for long-term use.
  4. Then, dry lumber is cut into precise pieces of veneer cuts to create engineered flooring.
  5. GARRISON DISTINCTIVE: After the planks are created, we kiln dry the wood for an unprecedented second time. This extra step ensures that the wood is both dry and sturdy. It’s part of what sets our wood apart from our competitors!
  6. Next, the engineered veneers are bonded to the base wood using cold bond glue.
  7. The cold bond process is an integral step. It ensures durable and robust flooring.
  8. The base plywood and engineered veneer is then placed in a pressure hold for four hours.
  9. This pressurized hold allows the cold bond to permeate and seal the wood.
  10. The next few processes are specific to the type of finish you choose. Smooth finished wood is shown here. Planks are sanded and smoothed until they are flawless.
  11. Distressed hardwood is hand crafted to perfection.
  12. GARRISON DISTINCTIVE: Another way our process sets The Garrison Collection apart – we distress our wood by hand, not by machine! This makes sure that every plank will be one-of-a-kind.
  13. The hand-scraping and wire-brushing process may require more time and care, but the beauty and uniqueness of the final product makes it more than worth it!
  14. We use a variety of time-tested artisanal tools. Every type of wood requires different attention to its different nuances. We are adamant that there be consistency in each line – but that no two planks look exactly alike!
  15. For dark or black hardwood lines and colors, readied planks go into this proprietary carbonization unit. It steams the wood at a very high heat, which in turn both darkens the wood and strengthens it so it does not crack.
  16. We stain the wood and depending on the collection and color, use a UV coating, oil coating, or an oil UV finish.
  17. GARRISON DISTINCTIVE: The Garrison Collection hardwood floors are finished with 9 to 11 UV coats on each plank — more coats than any of our competitors! This guarantees a richer, more beautiful color and better protection for more sustainable flooring.
  18. We use only the finest Treffert UV anti-scratch top coats. We’ve worked with this German brand, well-known for its incredibly engineered and green products, to create the ultimate coat that protects, guards, and keeps your flooring at its best possible condition.
  19. GARRISON DISTINCTIVE: After the wood has completed its designated stain and has finished coating, we let the planks air dry over time. We use this natural process – rather than using machines like our competitors do – to give the stain the proper time to finish and sink in correctly. You can’t rush perfection!
  20. Once our hardwood flooring is finished and before it is shipped to our warehouses, we perform stringent quality control. Here, we make sure the flooring is consistent with the samples.
  21. Another part of quality control is testing water resistance. Here, we ensure that water does not sink into the wood.
  22. Our mouldings are also matched to the color of your desired collection. By creating and treating mouldings at the same mill, we ensure beauty and consistency.
  23. We delicately package our hardwood floors so that each plank of wood is properly covered and encased to ensure that there is no damage in transit. When you open your box, the wood appears exactly as it did at our mill!
  24. All of our hardwood flooring is safely stored in temperature controlled warehouses until they are shipped to you.
  25. Finally, after our labor and material intensive process is completed, your made-to-order wood is ready and on its way to you!