Neutral Flooring: Top Trend for 2020 and Beyond

Bold isn’t always better, especially with flooring! Sometimes, a more understated approach is the most striking. Neutral flooring tones are modern in appearance, yet timeless in effect. So for 2020 (and beyond), open your home, heart, and eyes to the most prevailing shades.



Benefits of Neutral Flooring

Versatile in Every Way

Trends change but style is everlasting. You might decide to turn that Art Deco office into a Modern Farmhouse bedroom. Select flooring that can transform with you, regardless of the direction you take. Neutral flooring tones mix, match, and mesh with any composition. It’s always easier to redress a room than it is to change the flooring. Build your rooms from the ground up and make that floor stunning from the start, with neutral tones from Garrison Collection!

Colorful Possibilities

Neutral tones can be the focal point of a room or they can be the backdrop to more eclectic design. Neutral hardwood flooring opens up a world of design opportunities. Blonde hickory flooring with a turquoise couch? Stunning. Cocoa oak planks and a Starry Night? Dreamy! 

A Natural Atmosphere

Did you know that hardwood is one of the most sustainable flooring materials? Bring a piece of nature indoors by combining organic textures and materials with the eco-friendly craftsmanship of natural hardwood. Our floors are carbon-neutral, VOC-free, renewable, and long-lasting. Beautiful AND guilt-free!

Multidimensional Touches

Need to add warmth to your room? Neutral hardwood flooring adds coziness to any space. Is your room too dark for your tastes? Brighten it up with light and natural shades. As a bonus, if you are selling your home soon, you may see a jump in value! Neutral tones allow buyers to visualize themselves in a space. There is a strong reason neutral flooring has never gone out of style (and never will). Secure the value of your home with a reliable, beautiful, and sustainable hardwood flooring from Garrison Collection.