Summer and Hardwood Flooring: How to Protect your Floors from Sand, Sun, and Salt

Sun in your hair, sand on your toes, and the air conditioner blasting! With summer officially here, we decided it was time to discuss how you can protect your floors while celebrating with some fun in the sun. Continue below to learn more about summer and hardwood flooring!



Summer and Hardwood Flooring: Sand

Sand on your feet is great at the beach! But at home? Not so much. Due to its small size, hard texture, and jagged surface, sand can easily find its way into your space and scratch up your flooring, reducing its lifespan and appearance. To prevent this:

  • Keep sandy shoes, feet, and paws away from your flooring
    • Rinse off before going inside and have a mat outside to wipe any excess sand off. If you are feeling extra crafty, DIY a storage bin that holds onto your sandy shoes so your floor doesn’t have to!
  •  Leave the beach toys outside
  • Keep all of the fun in the sun to where the sun shines. Your grass or garage is a much better place to store things coated in sand
  • And if sand does get inside, Vacuum! Don’t Sweep!
    • Vacuuming up any sand particles is the way to go as sweeping can drag them across your floor, leaving scratches behind. Remember not to use a vacuum with a beater bar head and ensure that the wheels are clean so they do not damage the floor.


Beach and sandcastle with hat, Summer and Hardwood Flooring


Summer and Hardwood Flooring: Sunshine

Just like your skin, hardwood also reacts to excessive amounts of sunlight. However, while you may tan, your floors may lighten or darken depending on the type of wood installed. But don’t close those blinds and hide inside with your flooring just yet as this discoloration is avoidable!

  • Add a tint or UV blocking film on your windows to filter out harmful rays
  • Besides protecting your floors, these window coverings also have the added benefit of regulating your home’s temperature. Goodbye sun-stained floors and hello lower air conditioning costs!
  • While all wood can be impacted by excessive UV rays, lighter flooring tones are less noticeably affected. However, this should not dissuade you from selecting a darker shade as they are exceptionally popular in coastal properties and emphasize the natural beauty of the surrounding oasis. 


English Bulldog playing in the ocean, wet dog, Summer and Hardwood Flooring


Summer and Hardwood Flooring: Salt (and Humidity)

For those who live by the ocean, you may appreciate the salty sea air, but your solid hardwood flooring probably doesn’t. Engineered hardwood, vinyl, and laminate floors are much more forgiving to the elements and are well suited for your seaside space. With a wide range of shades and finishes, there is definitely a floor for you!

However, while these types of flooring are forgiving, there are still precautions that should be taken when dealing with salt. Salt crystals are rough and can scratch flooring with ease so follow precautions similar to those given with sand. Salt can also cause stains so wipe up any saltwater residue immediately.



Still confused about how to handle your floors and these feet-in-the-sand days? We are here to help! Just contact us and we will answer any question that may arise.