WOCA Oil Finished Floor Maintenance

The Keys To Proper Maintenance of Garrison Oil Finished Floors

Garrison Recommended WOCA Products For Oil Finished Hardwood Floors

Garrison proudly uses WOCA products on all of our oil finished floors. WOCA is the leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish, with no artificial color pigments or preservatives. This European style oil finish (proudly developed and manufactured by WOCA in Denmark) both penetrates and hardens to achieve a very wear resistant finish, which is easily applied and maintained.

The following floors are finished and should be maintained with WOCA cleaning and maintenance products: Du Bois, Nouvelle, Newport, Time Inspired II, French Connection (EXCEPT Cloud), and Villa Gialla (Romantique and La Belle ONLY). Use of any other products may void your warranty. See warranty for details.

NOTE: Most WOCA maintenance products are available in White or Natural. Use the White for lighter woods (such as Vintage White Wash, Provence, or Anastasia) and use the Natural for natural tones or darker woods (such as Caffe, Agave, or Monterey).

Guide To Using the Right WOCA Oil

The Three Main Maintenance Items:

WOCA Natural Soap

Available in White or Natural

WOCA Natural Soap cleans and nourishes your Garrison oil finished floors and should be used on a monthly basis. It leaves behind an invisible layer of soy and coconut fats, which makes your floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean.

We suggest using the two-bucket method recommended by WOCA. You’ll need a self-ringing mop and two buckets – one bucket containing the Soap (3 oz. solution/gallon of water) and the second bucket with pure water to rinse the mop. (Change the water in the second bucket as needed to prevent the floor from getting a grayish gleam caused by dirty water.) For more details, watch the video below.

NOTE: Take care to wring your mop thoroughly. Excessive water on your floor may damage your floor and void your warranty.

You may also use WOCA Natural Soap in the spray format for spills and for weekly dusting if so desired.

WOCA Natural Soap Instructions
WOCA Natural Soap Safety Data Sheet

WOCA Oil Refresher

Available in White or Natural

Refresher should be used quarterly to give your floor a thorough cleaning. Just like the Natural Soap, we recommend application using the 2-bucket method. (See above for instructions and video.) This oily cleaner not only cleans, but also leaves an oil residue to promote the longevity of the oil finish.

WOCA Oil Refresher Instructions
WOCA Master Oil Safety Data Sheet

WOCA Maintenance Oil / Maintenance Paste

Available in White or Natural

Although the oil finish on your Garrison floor should last between 3-5 years without needing to be re-oiled entirely, higher traffic areas, and areas needing deeper cleaning may become dry and you may want to apply some oil to bring it back to life a bit. Use the Paste for a higher level of sheen.

WOCA Maintenance Paste Instructions
WOCA Maintenance Paste Safety Data Sheet


Additional Products Recommended for Long Term Preservation and Care:


WOCA Stain/Spot Remover

To remove those tough to get out spills and stains, use Stain Remover. Be careful to use according to directions and know that the use of this product, although  great at getting out the stains that the Natural Soap cannot get out, using Stain Remover may dry out the area affected. We recommend apply a bit of Maintenance Oil or Paste to bring it back to life.

WOCA Spot Remover Instructions


WOCA Wood Cleaner / Prep

Used to give the floor a good cleaning prior to re-oiling. Normally used with a string mop and allowed to dry.

NOTE: DO NOT use for regular cleaning of your WOCA oil floor.

WOCA Wood Cleaner Instructions
WOCA Wood Cleaner Safety Data Sheet


WOCA Master Oil

Available in White or Natural.

For use when re-oiling floors.

WOCA Master Oil Instructions
WOCA Master Oil Safety Data Sheet

Additional Installation Notes:

Unlike other brands, you DO NOT need to re-oil any Garrison product immediately after installation, however these installation tips will help get your floors off to the right start.

1. We recommend you install our flooring after all major construction, including painting, has been performed completely. This is especially important for wire brushed products as drywall dust and other dirt is extremely difficult to remove from the wire brushed grooves.

2. Install Cleanly. It is very important to remove all glue residue during an oiled floor installation as trying to remove dried-on glue and residue will most likely dry out flooring in affected areas.

3. We recommend you clean your new floor with WOCA Natural Soap immediately after installation.